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The Available Types of Bike Locks.

Docking your bike at one point can be the best term to describe a bike lock.Security for your bike should be an issue of weight especially if you regularly use it to commute to your working place or even for your recreational reasons.Bike theft across the universe is just a normal occurrence hence if you have not fallen victim of it then you might have heard a friend of your complain of having lost his or hers.

As common as bike theft is, it can be avoided easily.Most people tend to have gained trust with the world to an extent that they can leave their bikes out as the work or in the night unlocked not considering the possibility of theft.Potential thieves see this as a great opportunity as they won’t have to break into your house or your work place but simply take the bike from the compound and disappear with is an you remain cursing your carelessness.Another form of carelessness apart from that of leaving the bike outside is that of trying to fool professional thieves with locks that aren’t made for bikes hence they can be cut with less effort and the bike is taken away.

If you really care and value you trips around town, commuting to work are doing some recreation with your bike you need to make a choice out of the following to keep your bike safe.

The D-locks and U-locks are available at stores near you and can easily be identified by their shapes.The u-shape of the lock is meant to curve around your bike while the straight edge makes the actual locking by crossing the u-shape.

These locks can be considered as being one of the most secure as thieves cannot use the bolt cutters to damage the locks.The locking process should ensure that the bike is attached to an external firm point to ensure that the thieves can lift the bike.

A wheel lock works by ensuring that if a thief stills it, they cannot ride away fast.This is actually not a secure lock to prevent thieves who can lift the bike and get away with it.This type of lock has to be very strong or you should have a good get-away plan to prevent a thief from hopping on the bike and easily getting away with it.

The last bike locks are the chain and cable locks, these locks are not secure as compared to the U-shaped locks but they are good for their flexibility and portability.These types of locks need some additional reinforcement to make sure that your bike is safe.

When the D-locks and U-locks are precisely used they amount to stringent security of your bike.

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